My Top 10 Fairy Tail Characters

I went through a lot of the topics I’ve written about and to my dismay I realized not one of them mentioned Fairy Tail.  Clearly this is the perfect time to make a top 10 list that’s Fairytail related so I thought I would whip one up.  Now for my list it’s completely based on […]

My 10 Favorite Megaman: Battle Network Moments

Megaman has had several variations but for me the Battle Network series was my favorite.  While it doesn’t receive as much love as some of the other variations it has managed to find a special place in my game collection and one of the few series that I actively kept up with from start to […]

B The Beginning Review

So now that I’m venturing more into anime topics I thought I’d take the time to review my first series.  B the Beginning is about a detective Keith Flick who is trying to solve a series of murders caused by someone known as Killer B only to find that there’s a mysterious third party in […]

Convention Survival Guide Part 4: Con Etiquette

At this point we’ve got an idea of what con you want to go to, where you’re staying, how to get there and what you’re going to do at the con so really this final part of my guide is mostly so you get an idea of how to treat your fellow con goers because […]