Lexington Toy and Comic Convention 2019: Faith Restored

This is my fifth year in a row going to this convention and so far only last year’s event provided a bad experience. With my faith damaged from last year I went to this event with great uncertainty and wondered what kind of experience I would have this time.  As always with this event I […]

Top Five Green Nintendo Game Characters

It’s St. Patrick’s day and we all know how important the color green is today.  In honor of this holiday we have a list of five well recognized characters in green.  Now for this list we are looking at characters that primarily appear in video games and because most of those characters come from Nintendo […]

Five Greatest Anime Spheres

It’s March 14th and commonly known as Pi day because the number pi is 3.14 et al.  Because Pi is such a commonly used number for circles I decided to combine pi day with anime and do a list of anime’s greatest spheres. 5. Mod Soul Kon In Bleach there are artificial souls called Mod […]

Top Five Anime Beatdowns

Anime has had a lot of amazing fights where two powerful warriors match blow for blow and move for move.  Then you have other animes where one character just has so massive of an advantage that they literally destroy their enemies with extreme ease.  There will be spoilers for some shows below. 5. Ainz Ooal […]

Analysis Can Broly Beat Jiren?

So with the release of the Broly movie, one question has been on everyone’s mind.  Can Broly beat Jiren.  Jiren as we all know, gave Goku and Vegeta a very difficult time during the tournament of power.  Since Goku used Ultra Instinct to go up against Jiren but was unable to use this form against […]