Five Major Anime Villians that were Unknowingly Outmatched

It seems to be a norm that the grunts and lower-ranked villains in anime go down in one sometimes two shots. However, when that happens to a much bigger threat it makes for a shocking twist. Here are some moments where major anime villains endured harsh beat downs at someone they thought they easily outmatched. […]

Convention Stories: My Worst Convention Experience

So if you read the first Convention Story you found out that I obtained a flyer for an event called Fandomfest. Being new to the convention scene I had no understanding of how conventions were ran and this one taught me a valuable lesson on what happens when one is ran poorly. I went with […]

Fairytail The Video Game Review

I am a huge fan of the Fairytail anime series so when I saw that the Nintendo Switch was getting a video game adaptation that featured some of my favorite moments from the show, I had to get a copy. The anime features a wizard guild known as Fairytail and tells their story of how […]

Top Six Anime Tournaments

Just the word tournament is enough to get you excited about a specific arc in anime and many tournaments mark some of the high points of their respective shows. Given how amazing they are it was only a matter of time before I gave it some thought as to what I think were the best […]

Colorworld Books Virtual Con Experience Review

Given the current pandemic plaguing the world today, our ability to enjoy conventions in person has been taken away because it simply is not safe to have such events at this time.  However, in light of that many companies have designed virtual experiences that allow us to still enjoy the company of the voice actors […]

Top Five New Characters from Fire Emblem Heroes

One of the greatest things bout Fire Emblem Heroes for mobile devices is the fact that it brings together characters from all Fire Emblem games in a massive Fire Emblem crossover. However, with that being said the game includes some amazing original characters that are not only captivating but very unique.  Now there will be […]