Anime Expo 2018 Review: It’s a Massive Experience

  Even though I’ve attended many conventions, a majority of them were smaller events.  Even so the biggest event’s I’ve ever gone to couldn’t compete to the massive size of Anime Expo so this was an experience beyond anything I’ve ever had before.  To prepare for this I made sure to splurge and get the […]

Top 10 Anime Trash Talkers

One of the things I love most about anime characters is how they converse with each other and my favorite lines come from people that know how to lay on the smack talk.  In this case the lines themselves don’t have to be amazing but my list is composed of the characters that are just […]

Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans review

I meant to do this earlier but time got away from me and I finally got a chance to sit down and just type up my thoughts on this amazing series. This Gundam series features a bunch of orphaned children from Mars that are fighting to find their place in the world.  In the mist […]

My Top 10 Fairy Tail Characters

I went through a lot of the topics I’ve written about and to my dismay I realized not one of them mentioned Fairy Tail.  Clearly this is the perfect time to make a top 10 list that’s Fairytail related so I thought I would whip one up.  Now for my list it’s completely based on […]