Five Best Swords of Nintendo

Swords are an amazing weapon featured in thousands and thousands of games.  Nintendo has quite a few swords that have established a reputation for either their uniqueness or by how iconic they are to their respective series.  This list will contain swords that are only featured on games exclusive to Nintendo. Aegislash A Pokemon that’s […]

Deathnote the Live Action Movie Review

I had some spare time and was going through Netflix and decided to watch the Deathnote live action movie.  Now I knew going in that the movie had some really horrible criticism and I was wondering if it really was as bad as people say.  Good news, it wasn’t, bad news it was worse. Deathnote […]

My Ranking of the Saiyan’s First Super Saiyan Transformation

So while the Dragonball series has plenty of transformations, it’s easy to remember some of the initial transformations to Super Saiyan.  These transformations are typically filled with intense emotion and incredible action scenes; however, several others were not so amazing.  Now for this list I”m ranking the very first transformation to the original Super Saiyan […]

Convention Ranking 2018

So just like last year I decided to make a list ranking all of the conventions I went to this year. 10. Akaicon It was an easy choice to put this convention on the bottom of my list.  There just wasn’t much to this convention.  I tried panels, I looked for guest events and really […]

Super Smash Brothers: Ultimate Review

Super Smash Brothers is one of the most iconic video game series in history and Nintendo has really placed a lot of confidence in this game.  So much that they call this the Ultimate Smash Brothers. We get your usual chaotic brawling but is this game really better than any of the others.  Not only […]

My Thoughts on the Fire Emblem Expo

So recently we found out a Fire Emblem expo will be taking place in Japan early 2019.  Now as a Fire Emblem fan I am excited that an event like this even exists considering how close the series was to ending before Fire Emblem: Awakening came out.  Since my favorite game series is Fire Emblem […]